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Godox UL60Bi Silent LED Video Light


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Godox UL60Bi Silent LED Video Light is a 78W LED monolite-style light source with a color temperature range of 2800-6500K, that features a fanless cooling design for silent operation. By eliminating unwanted noise during use, this LED light can benefit broadcasting, cinematography, online streaming, and other video applications with sound.

UL60Bi is a 78W unit that provides very bright light with quiet performance. The UL60Bi is a lightweight light (a larger 150W model is also available) with variable color temperature, Bowens mount. The light uses the latest integrated COB LED technology, making it ideal for filmmakers, videographers and also suitable for photography.

The UL60 sports a fanless heat-dissipation system, making completely silent in operation. This makes it the perfect light for use in situations where clean audio recording is critical, such as filming video interviews or documentaries.

The UL60Bi uses a COB (Chip on Board) LED chip with a variable temperature of 2800-6500K, a brightness of about 27800 (at 5600K) lux at a distance of 1m, which is equivalent to the brightness of a traditional tungsten light of almost 600W.

The UL60Bi has a super-high CRI (Colour-Rendering Index) rating of ≥96 and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of ≥97 for accurate colour reproduction. This means that the UL-60 is suitable for Professional Broadcast use as well as for Film-Making and Commercial Cinematography.

The integrated COB LED chip is also Flicker-Free, meaning you can shoot a virtually any framerate, or any shutter-angle without fear of introducing flicker into your footage.

The UL60Bi includes a controller box, with an LCD screen, and an intuitive control dial interface. The Controller box enables you to control the brightness of the light steplessly, between 100% down to 10% brightness.

The UL60 has 8 built-in lighting effect presets that simulate a variety of lighting scenarios including thunderstorms, television, flashes and broken light bulbs. The Bi-color version adds 3 more effects: candle, campfire and fireworks. Perfect for adding mood and drama.

The UL60Bi also features a built-in 2.4GHz Wireless Radio Remote Receiver, which enables it to be used with wireless remote control (sold separately), allowing you to control up to 16 different channels simultaneously. It can also be controlled via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet using the GODOX Light app.

The UL60 uses the popular Bowens mount, making compatible with a wide range of modifiers straight out of the box, which gives you the option to shape and modify the light to suit your needs. It can be used with a multitude of different modifiers, including, Softboxes, Beauty Dishes, Fresnel lenses etc.

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