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Nanlite Halo 16 LED Ring Light


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Nanlite Halo16 LED Ring Light is ultra thin, bi-colour from warm to cold, and has 180° adjustment angles, to meet different shooting requirements.

This soft, high brightness ring light creates a diamond ring in your subject´s eyes. Perfect for portrait photography, video production, wedding photography, vlogging, cosmetology, hair dressing, still life shooting, makeup tutorial and more. The ring light offers optional accessories for more professional lighting solutions.

It can be powered by either an AC adapter or a Sony NP-F style battery (optional). With the USB power pass through port, you can also charge smartphones and other devices for live streaming, vlogging, timelapses and more.

Nanlite Halo16 LED Ring Light.
WiFi, 2.4G, Dimming Control
95 CRI (Ra)
74-435 lux @ 3m/1m Illumination
3200K – 5600K Colour Temperature
29W Power
180° Adjustment Angles
Continuous Dimming
Includes light, mirror & phone holder


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