Vytenis LeonaviciusVytenis Leonavicius
17:51 17 Dec 21
Service 5 ☆ x prices 5 ☆= 5^2 ☆Highly recommended
Kerti PahkKerti Pahk
22:17 18 Nov 21
Excellent customer service! Outsandingly fast delivery - ordered my products in the middle of the night and they arrived from Tallinn to Tartu pretty much next morning :)Great communication and trustworthy recommendations from experts when it comes to products etc.Overall a fantastic shopping experience! 10-10!
Jēkabs GūtmanisJēkabs Gūtmanis
12:36 19 Aug 21
Very fast response time and best customer service experienced.
Stabulnieks WaldisStabulnieks Waldis
12:23 06 Aug 21
Fotoakadeemia OÜ is the best provider of NIKON products and Mr. Rene Mitt is the best consultant for NIKON products in the region. All services provided are strictly focused on customer service and consideration of customer interests. I highly recommend communicating with this company on issues related to NIKON products for privacy, staff integrity, flexibility and professionalism.
11:56 02 Jun 21
Personal and professional service! Ultra-fast shipment! Always the first choice for Nikon equipment.