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Quadralite SVL-400 LED lamp


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Quadralite SVL-400 LED is an extremely lightweight and quiet lamp based on LEDs. With 40W power, the device can be easily used not only in photography but also on small film sets. COB LEDs guarantee a stable stream of light, which is characterised by high colour rendering index (CRI≥96,3) and colour temperature close to sunlight (5800K). The fresnel lens with adjustable range allows you to adjust the light beam in the range from 15 to 40 degrees. The
universal Bowens mount will provide the possibility of using various light modifiers such as reflectors, softboxes and gates, allowing for even better effects during the session. The built-in cooling system protects the equipment
from overheating, allowing you to use the lamp for a longer period, and the quiet operation of the fan will not interfere with the sound recording process during filming. Another important feature is the lifespan of the LED used in the
lamp, which reaches 50,000 h which is the equivalent of over 5.5 years of continuous operation. The small casing and low weight make it possible to take the lamp with you on every session.

● Active cooling system,
● Small size and weight,
● Power adjustment from 5-100%,
● Color temperature: 5800K
● CRI >96,3
● TLCI >99
● Ability to manually adjust the light beam from 15 to 40 degree

● Maximum output power: 40W,
● High accuracy and narrow beam of light,
● 5-100% power adjustment allows you to adjust the light intensity perfectly to the situation,
● Built-in easy to read LED display indicating the current light settings and battery status,
● Powered by Sony NP-F power adapter or batteries ( sold separately),
● NP-F type batteries make the flash can also be used away from a stationary power source,
● Intuitive operation and simple interface,
● Sturdy composite housing.
● Bowens mount for mounting many useful accessories such as softboxes, gates and reflectors

KIT includes only lamp
Power supply not included