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Godox Video LED light VL150


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Godox Video LED light VL150 is lightweight and compact light source. With high performance and accurate color rendition (CRI 96, TLCI 95), VL Series are ideal light source for newborn photography, still life photography, portrait, studio lighting, interview lighting, video recording and filming.

Optional Power supply
Power supplied by DC power adapter or V mount lithium battery, with two (models VL200 and VL300) or one (model VL150) high capacity V-Mount batteries (sold seperately), the VL series can produce their maximum output without heavy cord system, allowing users to travel and power VL lights anywhere.
Remote Control and Mobile APP Support
The VL lights come with a standard remote control, able to control the lights within 6 groups and 16 channels wirelessly at 433MHz. The downloadable GodoxPhoto app is compatible with iPhone or Android smartphones or tablets while operating the VL Series via Bluetooth.
Vl series separate controller and adapter have high power output (150W, 200W & 300W), the VL series introduces very compact and ligth new design. VL150 weighs just 1.97kg and even the VL300 weights 2.64kg. With a separated controller, users will be able to mount the light in any position and adjust the light setting via the controller which has a crystal clear LCD panel.
VL series lamps are cooled by a quiet fan. Compatible with Bowens mount accessories, easily mounted.
Come with a solid carrying bag, easy to handle.

In set
VL serie lamp
Controler-lamp cord
Power supply AC
AC power cord
Standard reflector
Carrying case