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Insta360 ONE RS 4K Edition. Get even more recording options. With the Insta360 ONE RS modular camera, you can easily create excellent quality 6K videos and 48MP photos. The features available in the Insta360 app will help you unleash your creativity, and the built-in microphone provides high quality audio. The camera is waterproof to a depth of 5m, and its long-lasting battery ensures a long life. With ONE RS you can also enjoy reliable footage stabilization. Now you have everything you need in one device!

Enhanced 4K Boost lens. The new 4K Boost lens is the perfect option for athletes and people who want to create dynamic yet detailed shots on the move. The improved 1/2″ sensor allows you to take stunning 48MP photos and record 4K/60FPS videos. With the 4K Boost lens, you can also enjoy 2 innovative modes. Active HDR provides video stabilization when you move and offers rich detail in both bright and dark areas. Widescreen 6K mode allows you to record superb quality 6K footage in the classic 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Cinematic-level movies are at your fingertips!

Reliable stabilization. Create incredibly smooth, dynamic shots and forget about unwanted shake. FlowState stabilization will give you fantastic results. No more wasting time editing your footage! There is also a Horizon Lock function that allows you to perfectly level the horizon. No matter how much you tilt the camera – the result is stunning!

Improved operation. Operating the camera is incredibly easy and fun. The user-friendly Quick Menu provides quick access to default recording modes, and 50% faster WiFi allows for seamless file transfers. Instant Zoom provides up to 2.7x digital zoom, and an additional microphone and Wind Noise Reduction algorithm provide crystal clear, crisp audio. There´s also a special Quick Reader accessory that makes it convenient to transfer footage without WiFi. Just plug it into the camera, save the files to an SD card, then plug it into your phone to start editing!

Carefully thought-out design. This unique camera can accompany you almost anywhere. It is extremely light and compact, yet robust. It´s also waterproof. You can submerge it to depths of up to 5m without worry. What´s more, its improved lens mount allows you to change lenses quickly and its heat dissipation panel ensures the ONE RS won´t overheat. A windproof microphone cover is also available so you can record excellent audio quality even in challenging conditions. Plus, the 1445mAh battery gives you even longer battery life.

Easy editing. With the Insta360 app, editing your footage becomes easier than ever before. A host of smart features let you make your videos more attractive and unique. Deep Track 2.0 will keep your subject in the center of the frame while you record, and you can create fantastic Timelapse and TimeShift shots. Slow down the pace by up to 8x with the 4K Boost lens – anything is possible with Slow Motion! What´s more, those who prefer to edit footage on a computer can use the free Insta360 Studio or plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro.

More than just a sports camera. The Insta360 ONE RS is more than just a sports camera. It will also prove itself as a webcam. It´s compatible with platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It´s a great solution when studying or working remotely! There are also accessories available to help you record – such as various adapters and mounts, as well as a waterproof case for the 4K Boost lens.

In the box:
Insta360 ONE RS camera
4K Boost Lens
ONE RS Battery Base
ONE RS Mounting Bracket
Charging cable
Lens Cloth

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