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Tripod Mini PGYTECH


Laos (saab järeltellida)



PGYTECH mini tripod stand – versatile and handy. Mini tripod by PGYTECH is ideal for Insta360 ONE seria cameras, DJI Osmo Pocket and Pocket 2, DJI Osmo Action, Osmo Mobile 4/5 and GoPro sports cameras. It is equipped with a standard 1/4″ thread, making it compatible with many photographic devices on the market. It folds out very easily, and when folded, it can be used as a convenient handle.

Clever design. The magnetic feet of the mini tripod have non-slip silicone tips, making the tripod stable on all surfaces. The accessory is made of ABS plastic and aluminum alloy.

Handy and lightweight. High-quality aluminum alloy combined with ABS plastic makes it comfortable and durable. The tripod weighs only 62.4g, making it extremely comfortable to use. Thanks to its small size and weight, it can accompany you under any circumstances. It fits easily into a pocket or backpack, for example.

Measure: 134x28x28mm