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KanDao QooCam EGO 3D camera black


Laos (saab järeltellida)



QooCam EGO is a snap-and-watch binocular glasses-free 3D camera that expands the boundary of human vision. It innovatively enables 3D footage to be played back directly through the eyepiece right after shooting by integrating the process of shoot-watch-output into one device. Thanks to the excellent optical design and distortion correction algorithm, the 3D effect restores the human eye´s stereo sense. The screen mode resolution (1600 x 1440,847 PPI) is twice that of the iPhone 13. The eyepiece and body are attached by a magnet, making it easy to carry and assemble.
The easiest and lightest way to capture 3D. With a camera body of 160 grams, the shooting process can be done with one hand. Thanks to the 3840×1080@60FPS resolution and 847PPI touch-screen, EGO captures the best-quality 3D video.

Enter your 3D cinema with the Magnetic Viewer. EGO is the only camera that gets instant 3D playback. Once the viewer is attached, the system automatically entres the playback mode to relive all of your precious memories.

Four time sharper than Blu-ray Movie. Our optical correction algorithm enables EGO to capture the world just as you see it. Wear the viewer and enjoy the ultimate fluid and crisp video.

Eye-Catching content at your fingertips. EGO will be your best creative partner than just a camera. QooCam app splashes all your crazy ideas with multiple templates. All these can be done at your fingertips.

Double the joy when sharing. Our Video-talkie in-cam chatroom lets you send video to your EGO partner without connecting the phone, or you can share your fantastic work with all users via QooCam App.

Chic Magnetic Design, A must-have for Fashionistas. With eye-catching color, unique apperance, magnetic design, EGO is a wearable and portable accessory. It is must-have trendy item for all fashionistas and content creators.