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SMALLRIG 3615 RC120B Cob Light


Laos (saab järeltellida)



An extraordinary light with high color rendering index (TLCI 96+ / CRI 95+), high brightness, ultra-quiet cooling and Bowens mount.

SmallRig 3615 RC120B (Bi-color) Cob Light

The maximum illumination reaches 4450Lux at a distance of one meter with a color temperature of 5600k RC 120B adopts COB high luminescence efficiency integrated surface light source technology, while the heat sinking process provides high lumens and high illuminance of greater stability.

With hyper reflector mounted, the center illuminance reaches 52800Lux at a distance of one meter with a color temperature of 5600k Equipped with the included hyper reflector featuring an anti-reflection coating, the center illuminance could be approximately equal to the bare light source center illuminance × 12, which means you are able to create a brighter light with lower power at a longer distance.

For many creators, the accuracy of color rendering is more important than the brightness, because post- shooting editing can not reverse poor color rendering. According to the standards of CRI and TLCI color evaluation systems, SmallRig RC 120B have great color rendering, with accurate reproduction of natural colors and stаble color performance, which make them stand out among products of the same price range and specification (TLCI 96+ / CRI 95+)

Dual power supply system
The products support two types of power supply: DC12-30V wide-range voltage power supply adapter, and 14.4V/26V capacity above 150Wh V-mount battery power supply for indoor and outdoor shooting.
When powered by a V-mount battery, the body has a power level indication.
Featuring a clasp on the power plug to secure it firmly when shooting.
(a V-mount battery plate can be fixed on the light stand or desktop)

Ultra-quite active cooling system
When the temperature of the light body reaches 60℃, the active cooling system will be work.
An ultra-quiet fan will be automatically turned on, with a noise of only 25dB ± 2dB at a distance of one meter, which is equivalent to the sound of a gentle breeze.
Moreover, when the temperature is too high, the lamp will enter self-protection mode, where the power will be automatically reduced to 70% to ensure the proper function.

Intelligent remote light control with SmallGoGo app
RC 120B supports two types of light control.
Manual adjustment and SmallGoGo app control. The SmallGoGo App allows to control multiple SmallRig lights simultaneously and achieve full signal coverage and unlimited control distance thanks to the built-in Mesh Bluetooth networking module.

Nine light effects
9 lighting FX:
Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Fault bulb, TV, Breath, Flash, Party, Flame

Six-Meter power cable (three-meter power cable + three-meter adapter output cable)
Long power cables enable the RC 120B to have a broader range of unrestricted movement even when plugged in.

Standard Bowens mount
RC 120B adopts a Bowens mount, is fully compatible with various accessories with the Bowens mount on the market, and provides more lighting possibilities.

Umbrella hole
Easy to assemble and disassemble umbrella lighting accessories featuring built-in umbrella holes.

270° barrier-free tilt adjustment
This product have a reasonable metal core structure, with reduced material costs and a better tilt adjustment experience.

Compact and Portаble
RC 120B will come with a durable Snow canvas storage bag providing precise space for the body, standard hyper reflector, and power cable for easy storage and protection.

2700K-6500K wide color temperature range
RC 120B supports color temperature adjustment in the range of 2700K-6500K.

Versatile application
Meet the content creators´ needs in various creations such as portrait photography, product photography, video production, live streaming, etc.

Package included:
1x SmallRig 3612 RC120D
1x Hyper Reflector
1x Power Cable
1x Power Adaptor
1x Protection Cover
1x Carrying Bag
1x User Manual