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Viltrox VL-500T LED Ring Light


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Viltrox VL-500T LED Ring Light adopts the newest LED honeycomb design which is of high brightness and accurate color temperature. It has soft light, less heat and is environmental and durable. The HD LCD display makes it easy to operate. It`s suitable for portrait photography, children photography, macro photography, still life photography and other types of photography.
Brighten your subjects with this slim VL-500T Round Bicolor LED Light with LCD Display from Viltrox. This soft, bicolor LED light features a high CRI of 95 for accurate color rendering, an adjustable 3300 to 5600K color temperature, 20 to 100% dimming, and a maximum brightness of 2000 lumen.
Soft Bicolor Round LED Light: 1550 lux at 0.5 m
3300 to 5600K Color Temperature, CRI 95
20 to 100% Dimming
2000-Lumen Brightness
Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 2.4 cm
Optional AC adapter or NP-F battery


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