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Nanlite FS-200B Bi-Color LED Spot Light


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Bi-color version of FS-200 to further expand the ecosystem: FS-200B. Creators can embrace wider range of CCT and more combinations of lights in content creation and commercial shoots with their addition.

NANLITE launch Bi-color version of both FS-150 and FS-200 to further expand the ecosystem: FS-150B and FS-200B. Creators can embrace wider range of CCT and more combinations of lights in content creation and commercial shoots with their addition.

Lightweight and Bright

With high illuminance and wide practicality integrated in one compact body, FS-150B/200B officially ushers in a new approach of lighting. It’s easy task for them to either key for small products shoot and individual live streaming or team up with other fixtures from FS to light up portrait shoot and broadcast studio.

Excellent Color Rendition

With high ratings in every color rendering index, FS-150B/200B can withstand all kinds of color reproduction tests in a variety of shooting scenarios. Vibrant and pleasing colors will always be presented whether it’s for human skin, delicious food or dazzling costumes. Bringing to life everything captured in images is a breeze.


29.490lux@1M(5600K, with reflector)
CRI:average 96 TLCI:average 97 TM-30 Rg: average 102 TM-30 Rf: average 95
Constant Output Convenience

FS-150B/200B feature two modes of Maximum Output and Constant Output. The new incorporated Constant Output Mode allows for relatively uniformity in intensity while adjusting CCT. No worry for achieving a stable light ratio upon changing CCT and gaining more convenience for parameters tuning in exposure-sensitive shooting environment.

More Customized Effects

More creative possibilities will be unleashed with built-in practical effects that can be tailored to actual needs and wants.

FS-150B/200B offers 12 practical effects:
INT Loop, CCT Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, TV, Paparazzi, Candle/Fire, Bad Bulb, Firework, Explosion and Welding.

Get In Control

FS-150B/200B integrate both power supply and control modules inside for ultimate compactness. Minimal control interface design of only two knobs allows for intuitive operation, eliminating the hassle caused by overlapped keys.
*MODE key is added to meet the demand for quick modes switching. Apart from on-board control, FS-150B/200B support 2.4G/Bluetooth dual connection for wireless control via remote controller and NANLINK APP respectively. More complicated light control in group can be realized to offer a more safe and easy control option on sеt.

Illuminate in Silence

FS-150B/200B feature an efficient cooling system tackling both noise and temperature control. Heat dissipation structure is optimized via a fan with low noise level. Fan can also be shut down in sound-sensitive shooting environment for ultra quietness.

*When the fan is turned off, the maximum output is 15%.

Complete Modifiers Ecosystem

FS-150B/200B come with industry standard Bowens Mount and an umbrella mount as well. Controlling and shaping light turns effortless with an assortment of light shaping tools. Various lighting effects can be achieved by just one light for portrait photography, video making and live streaming.

SB-PR-90/120-Q/SB-PR-150 Parabolic Softbox
LT-80/120 Lantern Softbox
SB-RT-90×60 Rectangle Softbox
U-165DT/180ST/135DS Umbrella
FL-20G Fresnel Lens
PJ-BM-19/36 Bowens Mount Projection Attachment
Support Firmware Update

Support firmware update using flash drive via the built-in USB-A port, unlocking more potential features through continuous operation optimization.

Standard Configuration
Power Cable 4.5M ×1
Reflector ×1
COB Protective Cap ×1