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Godox SL60II Bi LED Video Light


Laos (saab järeltellida)



The SL60IID and SL60IIBi are two powerful and versatile LED video lights from Godox, designed to meet the needs of professional videographers and photographers. The improved lamps are much quieter and provide a more serene environment.

These compact and portable lamps offer a solid color temperature and accurate color reproduction, as well as a wide range of useful features such as wireless control and special effects. Whether shooting in a studio, on location or outdoors, the SL60IID and SL60IIBi offer a reliable and flexible lighting solution.

Stronger returns
The maximum output of the SL60IID and SL60IIBi at 1 meter with standard reflectors is 18,600 and 25,100 Lux respectively, providing impressive clarity. With 0 to 100% dimming, you can set the brightness exactly as needed.

APP Control
In addition to control via the panel or remote control, you can also use Godox Light to adjust the parameters of the light. The user-friendly operating methods are great for helping you with your efficiency.

Adjustable color temperature
The SL60IID is suitable for people who value brightness, while the SL60llBi, adjustable between 2800-6500K, is ideal for people who want to add moods.

FX Effects
The SL60IID is available with 8 effects and the SL60IIBi with 11 effects. They make simulating scenes such as a broken lamp, TV and storm easy.

Bowens Assembly
Both lamps are suitable for all Bowens-mount modifiers, fits seamlessly with the light shaper system from Godox.

Model: SL60IIBi
Power Supply: 100V-240V~50/60Hz 0.7A
Power: Max.75W
CCT: 2800±6500K
Channel: 32
Group: 16 (A,B,C,D,E,F,0-9)
ID: 1-99/OF
CRI: ≥96
TLCI: ≥97
FX Type: 11
Control Method: 2.4GHz Wireless/Bluetooth/Light Body Control
2.4GHz Transmission Distance: ≈30m
Bluetooth Transmission Distance: ≈30m
Brightness Range: 0%-100%
Working Environment Temperature: -10℃-40℃
Dimension (unfolded without reflector):140mm x 236mm x 215mm
Net Weight: 1.5kg
Standard: 2 years warranty
Battery/batteries: 3 months warranty
Lamps/Flash tube: 0 warranty

In the box
1x Light body
1x LED Bowens-mount Reflector
1x Power cord
1x Protection Cover