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Godox Knowled M600Bi Bi-color LED Light


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Another in Knowled series of professional lamps, the M600Bi adds the ability to change the color temperature of the light. It’s an advanced unit whose superior build quality and ability to control temperature will take your work to new heights. It is a lamp designed for the most demanding artists, fulfilling its purpose even in the most difficult conditions.

Light helps tell stories. The M600Bi generates exceptionally powerful light, which is additionally very easy to shape. The M600Bi will illuminate both vast scenery and subtly highlight the expression of any story you are telling. This is true sunlight at your disposal.

Intuitive controls, diverse power supply and robust construction – every detail of the M600Bi is tailored to the needs of advanced filmmakers. The included bracket (LSA-19 and LSA-03) provides a secure hold on the controller for easy operation. With the ability to control from the remote control or the Godox Light App, all settings are at your fingertips.

The M600Bi maintains the highest standard of color fidelity. By reproducing vivid colors and natural skin tones in any environment, it greatly optimizes the cost of post-production time and money.

The powerful cooling system provides extremely fast heat dissipation, and ensures silence on set, which can be important when recording interviews, podcasts, etc.

Equipped with a Bowens mount, the M600Bi gives you versatile access to modifiers, leaving you in a situation where your only limit is your imagination.

In package:
Godox M600Bi,
controller clamp,
connecting cord,
fixed rope,
lamp cover,
carry bag,
original packaging.