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Godox C10R Creative Bulb Set 8-Light Kit Knowled RGBWW


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Special-purpose Godox Knowled C10R bulbs are a simple and effective tool in creating atmosphere on film sets. They offer access to the full RGBWW color palette, variable color temperature, can be controlled in many ways, and are flicker-free. The bulb has brightness adjustments, high color fidelity with CRI 96 and TLCI 98 in HSI, RGB, GEL, or CCT 2000-10000K modes. The bulb fits a standard E27 thread and can also be powered by USB. The C10R model does not have a built-in battery.

Special Task Bulbs. Make your film sets more diverse with the practical KNOWLED RGBWW C10R bulbs. Variable color temperature, a diverse color palette, accurate color reproduction, and no flicker allow you to easily create any effect. User-friendly app ensures wireless control on set.

Reliable Brightness. RGBWW bulbs guarantee constant output power regardless of temperature or battery level, providing strong light during film shoots. With adjustаble color temperature ranging from 2000 K to 10000 K and magenta-green adjustment, the bulb can smoothly blend with ambient light or simulate a specific effect.

Create Unique Atmosphere. With C10R bulbs, there are no limits to setting the mood on set. Fully adjustаble colors make it easy to change emotions in the film and inspire experimentation.

Easy Control. Easy reset and quick Bluetooth pairing ensure convenient work on set. Quickly switch between CCT/RGB modes, check battery level, and adjust brightness steplessly.

Godox Light App. Version 3.0 of the Godox Light App allows bulb grouping, stepless brightness adjustment, ѕelection of color temperature from 2000K to 10000K, and magenta-green adjustment. Additionally, it offers many color ѕelection modes, including HSI, RGB, GEL, and 14 built-in lighting effects that can be finely tuned.

Cinematic Lighting. With a high CRI of 96 and TLCI of 97, the light from Knowled bulbs enlivens film scenes and enhances realism without flickering. This cinematic-grade RGB bulb elevates the quality of creative work to a whole new level.