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Nanlite PavoBulb 10C 4 light kit


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Nanlite PavoBulb 10C is a complete platform for the placement, powering, and control of practical lights in professional productions. This advanced light bulb and range of accessories will help filmmakers quickly accomplish their ideas and reward them every time with subtle and captivating light.

Light bulb, a point light source shining light equally in all directions that appears frequently in images and videos.

What If It Could Be Controlled at Will?
PavoBulb 10C is a complete platform for practical lighting with dedicated powering and mounting accessories that will inspire filmmakers and let them quickly achieve their ideas while delivering subtle yet captivating light every time. PavoBulb 10C lets you set the mood by adjusting the CCT or HUE, which can be done with the built-in buttons on the light or with the NANLINK app. This exciting new practical also permits realistic emotional expression through genuinely decorating the scene by programmable special effects along with DMX connectivity for full control!

Vivid Dreams in Full Color
Weighing only 170g, PavoBulb 10C achieves production-level color rendition using state-of-the-art RGBWW color-mixing technology. You can put practical lights anywhere you want, and quickly adjust the settings to create the perfect atmosphere. Whether on the street, in a bar, restaurant or just at home, the PavoBulb 10C gives you total control of brightness, colors and effects to tell your stories.

Precision Soft Quality
PavoBulb 10C features a wide large angle diffuser with an improved beam angle. The distance between the LED beads and the diffuser is precisely engineered to optimize both the diffusion effectiveness and the illuminance level. As a practical in the frame, the overall filmic tone will be naturally elevated with its advanced design. A Variable beam angle can also be easily enabled by maneuvering another compact bouncer with suction cup, offering even greater control for such a compact light source.

Intelligent Integration, Total Control
Dimming and CCT/HUE modes can be controlled individually by three buttons perfectly positioned on the bulb. Bluetooth reset can be done by long pressing the three buttons together, wireless connection and control can be greatly facilitated as a result. Shortcuts for 5 level dimming, 6 level CCT and 12 level HUE adjustments can also be toggled around with much ease.

In addition to the conventional on-board controls, the 10C also offers more fine-tuned options via a range of dedicated accessories, including a wire controller and DMX Adapter Cable.

Wire Control: The wire controller covers all the controlling operations for the PavoBulb 10C, while also supplying power at the same time.
DMX/RDM Control: It renders PavoBulb 10C possible for complicated in-sync controls of complicated groups of light. *CB-DMX-USBC-1/3 USB-C to DMX Cable Splitter (Optional).
NANLINK APP Control: Dual built-in modules of both Bluetooth and 2.4G make Nanlink APP control a sure thing to unleash your creativity, specials effects such as chasing and synchronous flashing, can be achieved easily anywhere.
Comprehensive Solutions Sufficient Supply
PavoBulb 10C offers many power supply options, these support can achieve a stаble power supply for worry free consistency on set.

E27 Socket AC Input
USB Type-C DC Input
AS-MBA-E27 Magnetic Base Adapter (Optional)
BT-BA-SNP-E27 Battery Adapter (Optional), *Compatible with NPF batteries
WC-USBC-C1 Wire Controller (Optional)

4KIT Multi-light Kit
Complete Kit, Beyond a Bulb
Taking as many possible shooting scenarios into full consideration, the PavoBulb 10C is available in a range of professional kit options such as the 4KIT. Equipped with a full assortment of accessories, multiple bulb KIT can assist creators with expanding their ideas and setting up a consistent scenes without complications.

The 4KIT is designed for decorative lighting in small spaces and provides impressive functionality for a small production team. It’s easy to handle and transport, and having everything you need in one dependable case will improve the efficiency of your shooting workflow.

In the box
PavoBulb 10C × 4
AS-MBA-E27 Magnetic Base Adapter × 2
WC-USBC-C1 Wire Controller × 2
USB Type-C Cable × 2
AC Cable × 1
BT-BA-SNP-E27 Battery Adapter with E27 Head × 2
AS-BSC Bouncer with Suction Cup × 4
User Manual × 1
Hard Case × 1

Uue PavoBulb 10C võite keerata kasvõi tavalisse E27 pirnipessa ja juba ongi teie võttekohas värelusevaba ning seadistatav LED valgustus. Uus ökonoomne ja kompaktne valgustuslahendus ilma selleta, et vajaksite lisaks võttealale ruumi veel suurte valgustite jaoks koos statiividega, mille otsa keegi ükskord kindlasti komistab.

PavoBulb 10C pakub ülilaia ja pehmet valgusvoogu ning kinokvaliteediga värviedastust tänu värskeimale RGBWW värvide segamise tehnoloogiale. Uue „pirni“ CCT värvustemperatuuri saab muuta vahemikus 2700 – 7500 K koos G/M kohandamisega; lisaks täpne 36000 toonist koosnev värvipalett ning 15 seadistatavat valgustuse eriefekti.

Uue LED „pirni“ kasutamine on ülilihtne – heleduse/CCT/HUE muutmiseks on pirnil kolm nuppu. Keerukamate valgustusskeemide jaoks saab valida juhtmega kontrolleri, DMX/RDM või juhtmevaba seadistuse Nanlink nutirakenduse abil.

PavoBulb 10C toiteks sobivad valgustusvoolu E27 pirnipesad või USB-C toiteallikad, nagu näiteks toiteadapterid ning akupangad.

Uus PavoBulb 10C tuleb müügile 1, 4 ja 12 pirni komplektidena.

Hind ja saadavus
PavoBulb 10C jõuab poodidesse aprillikuus alljärgnevate soovituslike letihindadega.
Nanlite PavoBulb 10C 1 pirni komplekt 96 €.
Nanlite PavoBulb 10C 4 pirni komplekt 599 €.
Nanlite PavoBulb 10C 12 pirni komplekt 1656 €.

Olulisimad omadused
Võimalik kasutada tavalistes E27 pirnipesades või toita USB-C kaudu.
Lihtsaim lahendus värelustevabaks videotööks.
Kasutab uusimat RGBWW värvide segamise tehnoloogiat.
Elektrivõimsus 8 W.
CCT ulatus 2700 – 7500 K.
CRI 95 ja TLCI 97
36 000 värvitooni ja 15 eriefekti.
Juhtmevaba valguse seadistamine.