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Ulanzi LT003 RGB LED Video Light 10 inch


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Indispensable in any photo or video studio. The Ulanzi LT003 RGB LED Video Light 10 inch is versatile in situations where extra lighting is desired, such as product photography, portrait photography and vlogging. The standard 1/4-inch thread allows the light to be easily mounted on most tripods, making it an indispensable piece of lighting tools for any photo or video studio.

Minimalist design with comfortаble touch
360° Full color creative ambience
20 kinds of dynamic lighting effects
Creative lighting and light effects

The lamp offers effective lighting that allows you to be creative and create unique lighting effects. The Ulanzi LT003 has a full 360-degree color range and offers as many as 20 different lighting effects, including the simulation of an ambulance, lightning or fireworks.

Easy controls. Convenient buttons let you easily adjust the lighting color and intensity for photographed or filmed objects. The color temperature is adjustаble from cold to warm within the range of 2500K – 9000K. The clear display shows current operating parameters and battery charge status, so you can always charge on time.

Powerful battery. The built-in battery has a long operating time of 2 hours at full brightness or 10 hours at minimum brightness. Charging takes only 3.5 hours, and the lamp can be charged even while in use.

High brightness and pleasant light. With 266 LEDs, the Ulanzi LT003 provides natural light with a brightness of 2100 lux at a distance of 30 centimeters. The uniform illumination prevents shadows at the edges, and the high CRI index of ≥95 ensures a natural and pleasant light.

Compact and lightweight. Thanks to its compact dimensions of 249 x 164 x 20 millimeters and lightweight and durable ABS material, the Ulanzi LT003 10″ RGB LED video light weighs only 488 grams, making it easy to carry for use on the go.

Suitаble for illuminating products, people and environments
Easy adjustment of color temperature and brightness with physical buttons
Variable battery life: 2 hours at maximum brightness, 10 hours at minimum brightness
Charging via USB-C port with included cable
Display shows battery level and operating parameters
Easy mounting on standard 1/4 inch thread

In the box:
1 x Ulanzi LT003 RGB LED Video Light 10 inch
1 x Type-C cable 1 m