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PetKit FRESH koerte ja kasside kauss kaaluga


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Fresh bowl with scale. Adequate diet is extremely important for the health of your pets. However, keep in mind that it is not only the quality of the food they eat that matters, but also the quantity. To quickly, conveniently and accurately weigh the right portion for your pet, use the Fresh bowl from PetKit. Its built-in scale guarantees precise measurement, the results of which you will know thanks to the built-in LCD display. You can also pair the device with a dedicated app to gain access to valuable information and tips.

You can instantly see how much a portion prepared for your pet weighs

The bowl is equipped with a 4-digit LCD screen. When you pour dog or cat crisps into it, the device constantly weighs them and displays their current volume. So you can see at a glance whether your pet is getting the right amount of food. You no longer have to measure food by eye or mess with additional scales. With PetKit you can effortlessly prepare the optimum portion for your pet.

Useful tips in the application. Want even better diet planning for your pet? Pair the Fresh bowl with the PetKit app, which will give you tons of useful information. Based on your pet´s breed and activity level, it will suggest the optimal amount of food for him. This will help you learn how to feed your pet to properly take care of his health. You will also protect him against overweight and underweight.

Practical design. Thanks to its carefully thought-out design and craftsmanship with excellent quality materials, you will easily clean the Fresh bowl and keep it in good condition for a long time. The product will satisfy the needs of various pets. It is suitable for both cats and dogs. It doesn´t weigh much so you can easily move or lift it for filling or cleaning. What´s more, thanks to the pads on the bottom, it won´t shift when your pet eats.

Power supply: Pair of AAA batteries
Supported units: Gram, ounce, pound, mililiter
Max weighing: 2000 gram