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Cheerble Interactive ball for dogs and cats Ice Cream Green


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The Cheerble ball moves on its own, its action you can adjust to your pet´s needs using the available modes. Equipped with a special system, it automatically avoids obstacles. It has been finished with silicone, and LED lights in different colors will inform you about the ball´s mode. You´ll charge it using a cable with a USB port (included) in about 40 minutes. Also included is a special bell that you attach to the toy. In addition, the ball is suitable for both cats and dogs.

The Cheerble interactive ball is designed to move spontaneously. All your pet has to do is touch it. It doesn´t require remote control or an app, so your cat plays by itself and you can take care of something else in the meantime. In addition, it is equipped with a special obstacle avoidance system, so you don´t have to worry about it getting stuck under the couch.

Adjust the operation of the ball to your pet´s liking. Choose between modes: NORMAL, in which the ball moves and jumps, PASSIVE, where the toy starts moving when your cat touches it, or GENTLE, during which the ball only moves. What´s more, the LED backlight will let you know when the mode is on.

The ball is equipped with a 6-axis balance sensor that monitors the toy´s performance in real time, adjusting its movements at the right moment and encouraging your pet to be active. In addition, it is designed to automatically turn off for 30 minutes after 10 minutes of operation, giving your cat/dog a rest. You charge it with the included USB cable, and it has a running time of 1.5 to 4h. Made of environmentally friendly silicone, it provides comfortable use and runs quietly.