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Cheerble W1 interactive ball for dogs and cats yellow


Laos (saab järeltellida)



To make sure your pet doesn´t get bored in your absence and start destroying your furniture, Cheerble has designed the W1 ball, which will be a great entertainment for your pet. The toy moves on its own, you just need the cat/dog to touch it. It has 3 modes, so you will adjust its action to your pet´s needs. Equipped with an obstacle avoidance sensor, it won´t get stuck in a crevice or under a couch. It´s IP67 water resistant, and has an operating time of 8 hours. In addition, it also has a special hole where you can place a snack or catnip.

The ball is equipped with 3 modes of operation, so you can adjust its operation to your pet´s needs. You will set the mode of operation with the dedicated button, and you will be informed by the colorful backlight. In addition, the ball will turn on for 10 minutes and then turn off for 30 minutes, allowing your furry friend to rest.

The toy is equipped with an obstacle avoidance sensor, so it won´t get stuck under the couch, and if it gets into a gap between furniture, it will get out of it by itself. What´s more, it is IP67 water resistant, so you can successfully take it to the beach while walking your dog.

How it works? The ball is made up of 2 parts, all you have to do is unscrew it. In the middle is the power button, hold it for 3 seconds to turn the ball on. Then select the mode of operation by pressing the dedicated button. Twist both parts of the ball and put it on the floor. To make the toy start working, touch it or shake it lightly.

The W1 toy is equipped with a durable battery that offers up to 8 hours of operation. In turn, you´ll charge it using a cable with a micro USB port. It only takes about 1.5 hours for the ball to be ready to work again. In addition, it is safe for your pet and resistant to wear and tear. It is made of polycarbonate and TPU plastic. Moreover, you can replace its casing with another one.