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Homerunpet CT10 intelligent cat toy


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Every cat is a real hunter. With the Homerun CT10 intelligent toy you will satisfy your pet´s instinctive needs and stimulate it to activity. Feathers appearing in random holes will surely attract your pet´s attention and encourage it to play. As many as 3 operation modes will allow you to adjust the device to the needs of your pet. The toy is powered by 4 AA batteries and its operation is facilitated by colorful LED indicator.

The device is handy and compact, and its shape resembles a popular, delicious donut. It has 6 evenly distributed holes from which, thanks to an advanced algorithm, colorful feathers randomly pop out. Before your cat manages to catch them, they disappear and appear in another place, encouraging him to hunt and providing him with entertainment for a long time.

The toy is equipped with imported, natural turkey feathers. They are soft and extremely pleasant to touch. They are also characterized by beautiful, colorful dyeing. Thanks to them, Homerun CT10 not only looks great, but also attracts the attention of your cat. The feathers are replaceable and safe to use – you do not have to worry about your pet.

The CT10 offers 3 speeds – high, medium and low. High is perfect for active cats that like and want to hunt. Medium is ideal for first-time use, for example. Check how your kitten is doing, and if you think it´s appropriate, change the play mode after a while. If you set the speed to low, you can easily and safely replace the feathers.

The special LED indicator not only gives the toy a modern look, but also provides you with the information you need. Among other things, its color changes depending on the operating mode. When you choose high speed, the device will glow blue, when medium – yellow, and when low – purple. This solution is not only practical but also pleasing to the eye! The indicator also lets you know when it´s time to change the battery by flashing red.

Operating the toy is child´s play. Press the button on it briefly to turn it on or off. Press long to change the speed. And that´s it! Activate the device, ѕelect the appropriate mode and watch your kitty discover its hidden hunter inside while having a great time. Replacing the feathers is also very easy and will not cause you even the slightest problem.