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ZHIYUN LED Fiveray M40 Pocket Light


Laos (saab järeltellida)



A compact device without compromising on its 40W power; whereas products of a comparable size currently only offer 5-13W. Valgustatus (LUX): 14000 (0,3m) / 4400 (0,5m) / 1050 (1m).

Zhiyun LED Fiveray M40 Pocket Light

The ZHIYUN M40, embedded with 176 LED chips rivals the key lights provided by bulkier products on the market with:

Incredible illuminance of 14,000 lux at its peak

Adjustable dual color temperature ranging from 2,700-6,200K and consistent power output peaks at 40W with no strobing, ensuring a stable light source

A standard fidelity offering for both photography and videography with CRI reaching 96+ and TLCI reaching 97+
Based on the attitude-control algorithm applied on gimbals, DynaVort technology enables better heat dispersion, allows for smaller fans, and therefore, a compact device without compromising on its 40W power!

Precise dimming of color temperature and brightness is available via two separate wheels, giving you smooth control with your fingertips.

The adjustable stand of M40 extend possibilities for various occasions, while two 1/4″ screw holes allow the M40 to be mounted on a tripod or light stand, offering a fast lighting setup than ever.

The palm-sized ZHIYUN M40 fill light epitomizes simplicity and utility.
Weighing only 320g, it fits neatly in pockets, looks stylish and is the ultra-portable illumination companion for videographers, whether amateur or professional.

With 4 LED indicator lights that display battery level and two 18650 mah batteries built in, M40 supports 55W PD fast charge protocol that allows a real time charging.

M40 can work for 29min at max power output, run by batteries only.

Package includes:
1x Charging Cable
1x Quick Start Guide