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Godox X2T-F TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Fujifilm


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Godox X2T compatible with Quadralite Navigator X is an extremely useful tool, can work both as a remote trigger and driver for reporter and studio lamps as well as serve as a wireless trigger for the camera. It allows you to work using multiple transmission channels, provides a stable signal, high response speed and full control over the lamps. Built-in Bluetoth.

Godox X2T is fully compatible with TTL automatic flash measurement of dedicated cameras, it also provides full control over the flash output in manual (M) and strobe (Multi) modes. The user in both cases can use flash exposure compensation or manually set the flash energy. Synchro with very short exposure times (HSS) and flash modes for the first and second curtain are also available.

The built-in bleutooth module allows you to connect to your smartphone and you can control the lamps from your smartphone using the Godox application (Android/Apple). Some models of smartphones allow you to trigger lamps when you take a photo.

Set contains:
Transmitter Godox X2T
original packaging

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