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Godox X2T-S TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Sony.


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Godox X2T-S TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Sony. The X2T-S TTL wireless flash trigger can work with Godox camera flashes, outdoor flashes, and studio flashes with built-in Godox X wireless radio system. It achieves stable, reliable and effective real-time signal transmission which makes it a good choice for photographers who have various lighting demands.
BT Support: Using your smartphone or tablets (adopt for iOs or for Android-based system) to connect the X2T-S via. BT after downloading the GodoxPhoto APP, you can control the flash mode, power output, the modeling light mode, the beep of Godox flashes, and so on.
Fully support TTL autoflash, 1/8000s high-speed sync, multiflash mode, manual mode, flash exposure compensation, adjusting the lighting parameter through the mobile APP, scan setting, one-shot and multi-shot setting, control of the modeling lamp, adjusting all groups´ output value simultaneously, etc.
With quick lock hot-shoe; The minimum power output can be precisely set to 1/256 in 1/10 step adjustment. With 5 groups, 32 channels and access to 99 wireless ID settings to limit the interference from other nearby systems.

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