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SMALLRIG Kit RC 450D Cob Light + Softbox Lantern RA-L65


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Kit includes 1pcs SmallRig RC 450D (Daylight) Cob Light and 1pcs SmallRig Softbox Lantern 65cm

SmallRig Kit RC 450D Cob Light + Softbox Lantern RA-L65

SmallRig 3971 RC 450D Cob Light
SmallRig’s new generation of powerful COB LED video light, employs the optical system with a 55-degree hyper reflector to realize 172,000Lux (1m).

It features CRI 96+ and TLCI 97+ for accurate color rendering and reproduction, outperforming predecessors, a GaN (Gallium Nitride) adapter that allows for power efficiency of at least 95%, as well as a damping head support system to protect the light.

This item, made of metal and non-inflammable material, is 20% lighter and can be controlled by the switch, SmallGoGo App, or control panel (optional).

The Bowens mount supports most light-control accessories to create varied lighting effects.

Besides, a carrying bag is included for easier storage and transport.

Key Features:

Latest optical system developed by SmallRig.
Patent light source – Larger and higher-power LED chip produces light more efficiently by contrasting output power with output illuminance. All else being equal, its illuminance outperforms comparable peers by more than 35%.
High-transmittance front glass – Double-sided, six-layer coated glass has a transmittance of more than 97% in the visible wavelength range, ensuring lossless light flux.
High reflective COB and heat dissipation technology – Board made of rolled aluminum sheet and composite copper ensures high reflectivity and thermal conductivity.
Illuminance rivals 1.2K HMI Fresnel – Max illuminance: 172,000Lux (1m) (at 5600K, with reflector)
CRI 96+ and TLCI 97+ mean accurate color rendering and reproduction
GaN (Gallium Nitride) adapter has power efficiency of at least 95% with lower heat generation, features a locking design and a steel wire cable tether for more safety.
Non-stop damping support system offers safe cushion and smooth tilt adjustment.
Quiet cooling fans with intelligent temperature control algorithm improves heat dissipation and produces only 32dB sound within 1 meter, suitаble for video recording.
Lightweight design – Made of metal and non-inflammable material, making the light 20% lighter – GaN (Gallium Nitride) adapter is 26% smaller and 200g lighter
Detachable damping head helps save storage room for easier transport
Three different ways of control: light switch / SmallGoGo App / control panel (optional)
Bowens mount supports most light-control accessories to create varied lighting effects
Lightweighted plus the included carrying bag weighs only 8,5 kg for easy storage, transport and all-around protection
Color Temperature: 5600K (±200K)
SmallRig 3754 RA-L65 Softbox Lantern

Faster lighting setup with one-piece design
One step to set up the softbox:
Press the Bowens mount until the bottom hook is hooked. No extra manual work is needed when install and disassemble, for the bottom, rib, and top disk of the lantern is fixed together at the factory. What’s more, the bottom hook is upgraded to a wider one, which can solve the laborious problem and the directions of hook can not be seen clearly, which saves time and make it easier to install.

Upgraded construction
RA-L65 is equipped with 12 military-grade high-temperature resistant ribs.
Lighter, tougher and more elastic than ordinary stainless ribs and 3 times easier to install, it can withstand tens of thousands of pressures without deformation.

Flexible light control
When doing research, we found that many creators have their own ideas about lighting setups, so it is necessary to provide a few more pieces of fabric diffusion and black fabric barn doors.The softbox will come with standard Black fabric barn door which adopts a Velcro design for easy installation.

Standard Bowens mount The softbox adopts a Bowens mount, is fully compatible with various accessories with the Bowens mount on the market, and provides more lighting possibilities.

Cylinder pouch for easy storage
The softbox will come with a cylinder storage pouch having an open top for easy storage.

Package includes:
1 x RC 450D COB LED Video Light
1 x AC-Adapter
1 x Power Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x 55-Degree Hyper Reflector
1 x Protection Cover
1 x Carrying Bag

1x SmallRig 3754 Softbox Lantern RA-L65
1x Fabric Barn Doors
1x Carry bag