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Nanlite Forza 300B II Bicolor LED Spot Light


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Adopting the generous output and the compact form of the Forza 300 and 300B models, Nanlite has added key refinements in every regard to improve the performance of its second-generation Forza 300B II Bi-Color LED Light.

Match Any Light Source

NANLITE makes its voice heard again by launching the Forza 300/300B II with our unrelenting exploration of LED lighting technology. Comprehensive technical improvements have been made possible via listening to feedback from diversified photo & video making communities. Commercial production teams, film crews and portrait photographers will thus have more professional, high-quality lighting solutions.

Compact Powerhouses

All fixtures inherit the same Forza DNA with quality and consistency throughout. The new models have protective, glass-covered light sources, so you never need to worry about external intrusion. Meaningful improvements have been made in both power consumption and light efficiency, which results in brighter output and longer battery run-times.

Accurate Film Tones

Forza 300/300B II feature advanced W(RG)/WW(RG) color mixing systems. By incorporating G/M±80 tunability in Daylight/Bi-color spotlights for the first time, NANLITE R&D team provide creators with the perfect weapons to tackle common lighting challenges with ease, whether you need to adjust the G/M shift to blend with ambient light or to match any other light sources.

This revolutionary functionality can also be of great help for those users who pursue stylized creation approaches. More possibilities can be opened up for presenting moods with multiple tonal options. You are not limited to only optimizing for skin tones by utilizing white-light skewing magenta, but you can also recreate cinematic film tones that can be precisely tuned by utilizing white-light skewing green.

G/M tunability allows for more diversified options for true-to-life color reproduction.

Stay True To The Original

The color rendering capabilities of Forza 300/300B II have been evaluated and improved in a thorough manner, making them reliable additions to filmmakers’ toolkit.

Reimagined and Rebuilt

Responding to user feedback, NANLITE engineers have made enormous efforts to advance their designs in such detail that it reaches deep into both the form factor and internal structure. Various application scenarios have also been analyzed for the purpose of providing more conveniences,and to create safer working environments for cast and crew.

The control unit features a brand new compact design with the power adapter integrated inside, reducing the overall size of Forza 300II/300B by 37%.

V-mount battery plates are arranged on both sides of the control unit for more compatibility of batteries in different sizes.

Yoke with a one-sided, stepless locking mechanism allows for smooth adjustments and an overall better user experience.

The curved yokes permit a larger tilting range when modifiers and accessories are attached.

Control unit also integrates a quick-release device on the back and a quick release clamp is to enhance adaptability as well as sturdiness when attached to light stands and trusses.

Control Methods For Everyone

Control interface features reasonable configuration and intuitive operation.

Comprehensive wired and wireless control solutions are available that allow creators to easily adjust their settings as the need arises in the diversified environments in which they shoot.

Wireless Control Options

All fixtures include built-in 2.4G and Bluetooth dual modules, providing a playground for NANLINK to stretch its muscles in studio shooting and live streaming. NANLINK is specifically designed and developed for content creators and small to medium-sized production teams.

USB port can supply power (5V/0.5A) for wireless DMX receiver allowing for wireless DMX control with peace of mind.

Wire Control Options

Support DMX/RDM control via wire connection to meet the exacting demands of film crews for more complicated lighting control in groups with precision and stability.

New Power, New Freedom

Apart from AC power solution, Forza 300 II/300B II also offer multiple battery power options for creators to cope with various lighting scenarios with much ease. All units support AC/DC hot swapping without worrying about shutting off in the middle.

Furthermore, Forza 300/300B II also support single battery power operation and hot switching when the Intensity is less than 45%, which means users can swiftly switch battery with low battery level for continuous filming.

Forza 30II/300B II:

1 x 14.8V 12A battery: output can be up to 45%
2 x 14.8V 12A batteries: output can be up to 100%
More Cooling Options, More Performance

Forza II series incorporate a new adjustаble cooling system with 4 operation modes available: SMART, FULL SPEED, LOW SPEED and OFF. Noise level lowers to 23dBA in SMART mode.

Noise management is also improved over the last generation in FULL SPEED mode. They are significantly quieter for interviews, MV and TVC shooting.

Vast Modifier Ecosystem Compatibility

All fixtures come with stardard Bowens Mount with an extra umbrella mount. Assorted modifiers under NANLITE or other third parties can be attached seamlessly to open up infinite light shaping possibilities.

More Items In The Box

Not only does the quick release clamp come standard, but also the longer connection cables (3M) and AC connection cable (6M). With 7.5M and 12M head connection cables as optional, rigging the fixtures up high on set will be a breeze.

Made with improved cushioning with enhanced sewing outside for more durability.

More Effects, More Customization

Help to bring creative ideas to life for filmmakers with 11 effects built in Forza 300 II and 12 effects built in Forza 300B II respectively, striving for a harmonious blending of practical immitation and artistic modificaiton.

Parameters for every single effect are tunable via on-board control with more customization available via the NANLINK APP.

Firmware Upgradable
Support firmware upgrade via USB flash drive, leaving the door open for future possibility.