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Light stand Godox 260T Air Cushioned


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Light stand Godox 260T Air Cushioned. High quality and very sturdy studio stand. The Godox 260T is made of aluminum and is equipped with air cushioning that protects the equipment from impact damage.

The tripod has three sections and it reaches 260cm height. At the end of the stand there is a standard light fitting for attaching studio lights.

Maksimaalne kõrgus: 260 cm
Minimaalne kõrgus: 100 cm
Transpordi pikkus: 100 cm
Osad: 3
Summutus: turvapadi
Materjal: metall (alumiinium)
Paigaldus: Valgusti standardkinnitus
Maksimaalne koormus: 4,5 kg
Kaal: 2 kg

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