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Quadralite Boom Multi Basic studio light stand


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Quadralite Boom Multi Basic is a studio light stand that combines the best features of the Quadralite Boom tripod and the popular AIR 395 model. The stand has air cushioning in its largest section. This light stand comes from the BASIC line characterized by the excellent quality of workmanship known from Quadralite products offered at a very attractive price.

The structure is made of durable aluminum profiles, ensuring adequate stability even under heavy loads. Boom lighting stands are perfect for situations where we need to place the lamp over the photographed object. Thanks to the dedicated point enabling the location of the counterweight, it is possible to properly balance the entire structure, which ensures safe and comfortable work in the studio.

● The compact size of the lightstand allows for easy transport,
● Perfect for outdoor sessions,
● Thanks to durable aluminum profiles, the structure ensures adequate stability under heavy loads,
● 400 cm of the maximum height of the tripod allows you to illuminate the studio in situations where an ordinary
studio tripod is not able to reach such a height
● Possibility to obtain a functional light stand arm thanks to the pull-out column.

● 4 sections,
● Boom: 204cm,
● air cushioning in the largest section,
● attachment point for counterweight