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Godox SFUV6060 S1 type bracket+60*60cm softbox+bag


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Godox SFUV6060 S1 type bracket+60*60cm softbox+bag. With the Godox Speedlite Bracket Bowens + Softbox 60×60, you can easily make a studio flash of your report flash. The Godox Speedlite Bracket is a unique mount system for flashes and flash heads and can be used with virtually any kind of flash. This allows you to use the bracket both horizontally and vertically. An additional advantage is that the hot shoe of your flash is not charged. The Speedlite Bowens mount allows you to choose from a wide range of Bowens’ studio accessories. The bracket can easily be placed on a light stand thanks to the spigot.

In package:
S-Type Bowens Mount Bracket
60x60cm Foldable Softbox
Inner Diffuser
Outer Diffuser
Carrying Bag


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