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Lastolite HiLite Background 2.5 x 2.15 m


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The HiLite backgrounds range allows the photographer to work in a way that was extremely difficult to achieve in the past. With the HiLite the photographer can achieve ´High Key´ photography on location and in restrictive spaces.

By rear lighting the white background itself there is no longer a need to use a background light behind the subject. Furthermore, because the background is actually illuminated it means the subject can stand virtually right in front of it without casting a shadow.

The HiLite backgrounds also works as a large rear softbox and illuminates the subject as well, meaning you can use just one other flash head to light the subject from the front. What´s more, the whole thing is collapsible..

Shape: Rectangular

Height: 250.0 cm 

Width:  215.0 cm 

Depth: 62.0 cm

Weight:  8.19 kg 

Comes with fabric bag: Yes

Depth (in bag): 8.0 cm  

Height (in bag): 103.0 cm 

Weight (in bag): 9.023 kg 

Width (in bag):  103.0 cm