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Godox AT200Bi KNOWLED Air Tube Light


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Soft Light. The AT200Bi is the ultimate solution for achieving soft lighting in a portable form. By combining an LED mat with an inflatable softbox, its expansive emitting surface ensures gentle, uniform, and virtually shadow-free illumination.

Versatile Mounting. The AT200Bi can be used on set in many ways. Due to its lightweight design, it´s convenient to use handheld, can be mounted traditionally on a stand, or suspended, for example, from the ceiling. It´s also possible to separate the inflatable softbox and use the mat independently.

Convenient Control. The AT200Bi offers multiple control options, including control via the controller, DMX512, control via the Godox Light app, or wireless remote control (sold separately). When paired with the Godox TimoLink RX receiver (sold separately), it also supports wireless CRMX control. Fast, stable, and precise adjustments significantly improve on-set efficiency.

Variable Color Temperature. The color temperature range from 2700K to 8500K allows for easy adaptation to existing lighting conditions, regardless of the time of day. Maintaining the high standards of Godox Knowled technology, the AT200Bi features CRI and TLCI ratings above 96, ensuring exceptional light quality.

Weather Resistance. Thanks to careful construction, the mat with the softbox can operate in heavy rain (the controller requires additional protection), as confirmed by the IP65 certificate. The AT200Bi will be your ally regardless of the weather.

Flexible Power. In addition to mains power, which is the first choice during long studio sessions, we also have the option of powering via V-Mount batteries. This allows the panel to be used in places without access to electricity.

FX Special Effects. With 11 built-in FX lighting effects and several additional presets, creative possibilities are expanded, allowing easy simulation of creative scenes and mood building.

LED mat,
power cable,
skirt grid,
fabric handle,
mounting holder,
hand-held holder,
CB98 bag.