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Insta360 Action Invisible Selfie Stick 1m Carbon


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Carbon telescopic boom / Selfie stick Insta360 (1m).
Selfie stick Insta360 is a tool that will allow you to create even more stunning footage from an unusual perspective. It allows you to adjust the length from 28-100 cm, so you can easily capture whatever you want in the frame. The compact design when folded will make it easy for you to store, and thanks to the durable material it is ready for heavy use. You´ll use it in conjunction with many popular Insta360 cameras.
Breathtaking shots
Discover how simple it is to create extraordinary footage. The Insta360 Selfie Stick automatically disappears when filming or taking photos. So you´re free to take selfies with friends while the stick itself remains completely invisible.
Capture everything you want
Now you can easily fit everything you want into the frame! The selfie stick allows you to adjust its length from 28 cm to 1 meter, which means you can easily capture a group of friends and spectacular shots while skiing.
Comfort and convenience first
The lightweight (300 g) and compact design means the mount won´t take up much space in your backpack or bag. Thus, it can accompany you on any adventure! The soft handle guarantees a firm grip while recording, and thanks to the use of durable carbon fiber, it is up to 50% more durable compared to other selfie sticks. What´s more, the built-in filter prevents sand and other debris from entering, reducing the risk of damage.
Manufacturer Insta360 Model CINSAAVV Compatibility Insta360 cameras Ace Pro / Ace / GO3 / X3 / ONE RS / GO2 / ONE X2 / ONE R / ONE X Weight 124.3 g Length 28-100 cm Maximum weight of the camera 300 g