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Viltrox FX-85 F1.8 AF II Fuji X-Mount


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The Viltrox FX-85 f / 1.8 AF Fujifilm X-Mount MKII lens is a short telephoto lens ideal for portrait photography. The lens is characterized by the bright maximum aperture of f / 1.8. With this lens, you can also take excellent photos in low-light situations.

Optical design
The optical design includes an Ultra-low Dispersion element and four elements of highly transparent glass. This design helps to counteract chromatic and spherical aberrations to achieve high clarity and sharpness.

HD Nano coating
The multi-layer HD Nano coating prevents lens flare and ghosting and provides more contrast when working with strong light. The lens is equipped with an STM motor which makes it very fast and quiet during focusing. Thanks to the minimum focusing distance of 80cm, you can focus on your subject from very close range.