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Urth Lens Mount Adapter Compatible with M42 Lens to Nikon Z Camera Body


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Urth Lens Mount Adapter: Compatible with M42 Lens to Nikon Z Camera Body
Combine any M42 mount lens with any Nikon Z mount camera body.
Experiment with new lens combinations and pair any M42 mount lens to your Nikon Z mount camera.

The M42-Z lens mount adapter is manual, so most automatic functions – aperture, autofocus, AE metering and image stabilization – must be set manually. Exposure settings must also be set manually.

Positive impact
Urth´s goal is to make a lasting positive impact on the planet.
By consciously designing products that help people engage with nature and planting 5 trees for every product. Urth´s mission is to plant 1 billion trees by 2032.

Conscious design
There is a constant search for ways to minimize the negative impact on the planet we love. When new products are made, low-impact materials are sought and designs are refined to minimize waste. All packaging is redesigned to remove all plastic, use recycled materials and ensure they are recyclable as well.

Smart design, durable materials guaranteed for life.
Experiment with different lenses to create new combinations
Deliberately designed adapters have no light leakage and secure connection.
Designed for a secure and snug fit
Manual focus adjustment to infinity.
Has an anti-reflective matte black finish.