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NIKKOR Z DX 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR


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Made for video, great for stills. The first Z series power zoom lens: the ultra-wide-angle NIKKOR Z DX 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR. Compact and well balanced, this DX-format power zoom lens is optimised for video and is great for nailing creative snapshots too. The versatile zoom range makes it perfect for DX camera users who want a lightweight zoom lens that’s wide enough to vlog with.

With its expansive 12-28 mm focal-length range, this power zoom lens is perfect for vloggers, movie makers, and photographers who want to fit the whole scene in or fit themselves into the frame. The power zoom function allows the zoom to be controlled remotely, which is ideal for people shooting their own vlogs or using a gimbal to capture video. Users don’t have to touch the lens at all when zooming, and they can choose from 11 different zoom speeds to match every shade of creative intent, from building an atmosphere with a slow zoom to quickly zooming in to the reaction on someone’s face.

This travel-friendly lens weighs just 205 g, which makes it easy to carry and light enough for most gimbals. The lens barrel doesn’t get longer or shorter when focusing or zooming, enabling optimal balance when shooting handheld, and there’s no need to re-balance a gimbal after zooming. In-lens Vibration Reduction ensures clear, blur-free shots whether walking and talking while filming or panning handheld. And a minimum focus distance of just 0.19 m delivers sharp results when shooting up close to a subject: perfect for getting creative with wide angles!

Dynamic 12-28 mm focal length range: covers an ultra-wide to wide angle of view. Brilliant for capturing sweeping ultra-wide views that draw an audience in, or for creating a sense of space when shooting in cramped indoor locations.
Power zoom: covers the entire 12-28 mm range in a smooth 36 seconds, or the same range in just over half a second! 11 different settings give precise control over the zoom speed.
Zoom without touching the lens: control the zoom via assignable camera buttons, or remotely via the Nikon ML-L7 remote control or SnapBridge app.
Sharp up close: a minimum focus distance of just 0.19 m delivers sharp results with the camera just 19 cm away from a subject.
Super lightweight: weighing just 205 g this lens is easy to carry and light enough for most gimbals.
Well balanced: an internal zoom and focusing mechanism means the lens barrel does not move and the lens’ centre of gravity remains stаble, for optimal balance whether shooting handheld or with a gimbal.
Rock steady: up to 4.5 stops1 of in-lens Vibration Reduction (VR) for clear, blur-free shots. Normal and Sports VR modes on the camera optimise for static or active subjects.
Silent control ring: the clickless, customisable control ring is great for shooting video. It can be used to create fluid aperture transitions, tweak ISO, and more.
Protected: the lens barrel and all moving parts are sealed to protect from dust and water droplets.2
Filter ready: compatible with 67 mm filters, which can be used and swapped out while the Nikon HB-112 lens hood is still attached to the lens.


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