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Brinno TLC2020 Time Lapse Camera Housing Bundle


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Brinno time lapse
Worry free time lapse. Take a sequence of photos at interval and shoot schedule of your choice. When you finish recording, the time lapse video is automatically generated, meaning no time is wasted editing footage and it can be shared instantly.

HDR & FHD Imaging Technologies
Powerful HDR & FHD sensors greatly improve images of high contrast scenes for quality works, outdoors or indoors, daytime or night. No more fear of back light and or low light environments.

Extra Long Lasting Battery Life – up to 99 days!
Proprietary power control system perfect for documentation of process focused works outdoors that require hours of time to complete. Run by merely 4 AA batteries and newly developed battery type setting to optimize power use.

Capture Theme Menu
Brinno have created a new easy to use quick menu that allows you to ѕelect your film settings based on the scene you are filming. From craftwork to large scale projects, Brinno have you covered.

Flexible Schedule Setup
Set video shooting schedule to meet the demands of your project. The camera reliably captures and auto-edits frames into documentation video for easy jobsite monitoring.

TLC2020 bundles provide you with waterproofing and mounting solutions that meet the unique needs of your projects.

Bunde includes:
Time lapse camera TLC2020
Waterproof Housing (ATH1000)
Bungee cords