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Evolution at work. Revolutionize how you work, with the webcam that makes you look good and feel good.

Crystal clear 4K. Whether you´re calling from an office or live streaming from your home, you´ll always look your best in stunning Ultra HD 4K resolution.

1/2″ sensor. Link’s best-in-class sensor puts it head and shoulders above many other webcams with similar resolutions.

Perfect in any light. Even in dark rooms, Link´s 1/2″ sensor captures life-like detail and excellent dynamic range.

Standout HDR. Link´s HDR mode perfectly balances the highlights and shadows in your image, ensuring your background isn’t blown out by a nearby window.

True Focus. No more blurry shots. Link uses Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) and auto exposure technology to focus way faster than other webcams.

Always stay in shot. With a 3-axis gimbal design and a powerful AI tracking algorithm, Link´s lens rotates to follow your every movement. With automatic zooming and framing, you´ll always be center stage.

Engage your audience. With innovative AI technology and versatile modes, Link helps you communicate better than ever.

DeskView Mode. Simply mount Link to your computer screen, toggle on DeskView mode and let it automatically adjust to show your tabletop. Perfect for presenting during a video call.

Whiteboard Mode. Improve your online classes and work presentations. AI algorithms enhance your presentations, focusing and squaring off your whiteboard to give your audience a much clearer view.

Overhead Mode. Capture the perfect bird´s-eye view. Mount Link on a stand to record squared-off, perfectly level footage, whether you´re unboxing a product, playing piano or sketching a floor plan.

Portrait Mode. Level up your live streaming and social media. Unlike many other webcams, Link shoots in totally uncropped 9:16 by rotating its 3-axis gimbal head, ensuring better image quality for mobile phone viewing.

Control in the moment. Manage your calls with simple hand gestures. No clicks necessary.

Standalone includes 1x Link, 4x Recognition Markers, 1x USB-C Cable and 1x USB-C to A Adapter.