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KODAK EKTAR H35N Camera Striped Silver


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This half-frame form Kodak camera features a built-in flash, a lightweight body, and comes in six stylish colors, making it the perfect camera for travel or any social occasion.

The new, improved H35N camera come with several exiting features such a built-in star filter, a bulb shutter, tripod hole and a partial glass lens with coating. Half frame means that each exposure is half the size of a standard frame, resulting in a smaller image size which means on a 36 roll you get 72 images, and 48 images on a 24 roll. When you look thru the viewfinder you see a vertical image instead of a horizontal as you normally do.

On the new camera Kodak has improved the optic lens and one element of acrylic lens elements is replaced with a glass lens that helps to improve the sharpness of the image. The camera also come with a built-in star filter that create a four-beam flare on light spots. Equipped with a bulb shutter and cable release, the H35N enables precise control over exposure duration, allowing the capture of motion trails and easier to use in low-light conditions. Additionally, a tripod socket has been incorporated at the camera´s base.

The camera is availible in six stylish looks; striped black, striped silver, striped green, glazed blue, glazed orangeand glazed pink

Key specifications:
Improved optics
Built-in star filter
Bulb function
Refined viewfinder and rewind knob
Available in six stylish looks