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3Legged Thing Albert 2.0 Carbon Fibre Tripod System & AirHed Pro


Laos (saab järeltellida)



3Legged Thing Albert is the perfect versatile travel sized buddy! He can be used as a table top and low level tripod as well as a monopod thanks to his detachable legs

He is the perfect companion for photographers from all walks of life, with a working range from as low as 12.1cm / 4.7″ and extending to 182.1 cm/ 71.6″ he can be used in almost any circumstance.
With a 3 section column and 5 sections legs, Albert 2.0 is one of our more versatile tripods making him go from a landscape tripod to a low-level macro friendly tripod

Bigger Than You Think…

Albert 2.0 is a travel tripod system with a huge upgrade.
Following in the footsteps of his predecessor Albert, Albert 2.0 is compact enough for air transport, but powerful enough to hold any camera. Not only is he capable of extending over 1.8m / 6 ft, a unique ability in the world of travel tripods, he also boasts a removable centre column, becoming an invaluable tool for macro work.

Not one, not two, but three

Albert 2.0’s unique modular construction, with three detachable legs, allows for a multitude of configurations including monopod, low-level and table-top tripod, enabling use for even the most niche of applications.

The tallest, smallest tripod in the world

A limitation of most travel tripods is height and stability, due to the number of sections required to make it compact, but Albert 2.0’s unique centre column, and 3 Legged Thing´s Parallel Locking system take this travel tripod to great heights without compromising stability

Optimised for heavy loads

Albert 2.0’s unique design enables load capabilities of up to 30kg / 66lbs. With weight-balanced locks to lower the centre of gravity, Albert 2.0 is the industry benchmark for travel tripod technology.