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Delkin Device Fat Gecko Camera Mounts – FG Triple Suction


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Delkin Devices Fat Gecko Triple Mount is designed to hold DSLRs and camcorders up to 5kg. The mount combines a Fat Gecko Original with a Fat Gecko Mini mount, and a slide and lock design ensures secure attachment between the two mounts. By combining the two into one mount, Delkin has created a sturdy mount that affords three industrial locking suction cups for increased stability. Plus, the suction cups can adjust to the contours of your smooth, non-porous shooting surface. The mount locks into place and features six adjustаble points, which ensures you´ll get the mount set to the perfect angle for every shot. The mount also features a standard 1/4″-20 tripod head for universal compatibility. A rubber washer and tightening knob provide added vibration dampening as well.

Impossible shots, made possible! Offering a wide array of mounting angles and options, including suction cup, clamp and screw designs, Delkin Fat Gecko camera mounts give photo enthusiasts the ability to capture impossible shots from the window of a racecar, the helmet of a base jumper, or virtually any surface imaginable.

Optimal Stability

Attaches to smooth, non-porous surfaces
Equipped with three suction cups for increased stability
Eliminates vibration for professional still and video recording
Supports 360° tilt, turn and rotation
Maximum height from mounting surface is 21,5 cm
Minimum height from mounting surface is 7,5 cm
Features a standard 1/4″-20 tripod head
From incredible low-angle shots to travelling at high speeds, the FAT GECKO TRIPLE MOUNT offers the best possible stability in any situation.