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SIRUI Videokit R-2004 + VH-10


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SIRUI Videokit R-2004 + VH-10. This kit fits perfect for DSLR cameras, videocameras and Spotting scopes, when you want to follow a subject with smooth pans, controlled tilts and seamless transitions. Complete together with a bag which fits tripod and mounted VH-10.


Tripod R-2004
Built-in bubble level helps make horizontal adjustments easy.
For speed and convenience, each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism
2 leg angle positions for uneven terrain
Retractable spiked feet for outdoor photography.

Videohead VH-10
Panning resistance is preset for amazingly smooth 360° pans and can be locked for precise framing. The SIRUI designed fluid head tilting mechanism (+70°/-90°) lets you steplessly adjust resistance – producing a smooth, professional look with heavy or lightweight systems.
A counter-balance mechanism (2 kg) moves the head to a neutral position – this helps camera balance and reduces unsteady tilt sequences, even when no resistance is set. Increasing resistance will smooth out your tilts. By combining smooth panning motion with proper tilt resistance you´ll achieve a professional look and feel in your videos.
While this precision-machined, forged aircraft aluminum video head weighs only 0.9kg, it can easily handle camera systems (camera, lens, grip, lights, etc.) weighing up to 6kg!
Included in the box: Tripod witt mounted video head, VP-90 Quick Release plate, soft protective case, shoulder strap, telescoping handle, tools, instruction manual, warranty card