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BlitzWolf USB-C Cable for Lightning MF-10 Pro MFI 20W 1.8m red


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High quality cable with Lightning connector. The USB Lightning cable allows you to charge your equipment with PD technology, which is more than twice as fast as a standard cable. It allows for fast data transfer, and in addition it is made of a solid material, resistant to minor mechanical damage and breakage in critical areas.

Fast data transfer and device charging in one. Allows you to transfer files, i.e. photos, videos and documents at 480Mbps without losing the quality of charging.

Safe and fast charging. The UGREEN cable is Apple MFI certified, which means it is completely safe for your smartphone, unlike many other non-original cables on the market. The C94 end allows for Power Delivery charging.

Charging parameters: 9V / 2A, 18W