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TetherGuard Support Kit Camera and Cable TG098. Protect and relieve the stress on your ports and cables with the TetherGuard Tethering Support Kit. The tethering support kit secures your connection at both the computer and camera ports, ensuring seamless transfer of all files. TetherGuard absorbs any strain on ports and keeps your gear safe from damage. The TetherGuard Camera Support features an easy-to-use locking base for complete security or choose the magnetic quick release mode designed with breakaway technology that gives way only when excessive pressure is applied.

The Cable Support features TetherGuard’s signature easy-to-use magnetic quick release, and its cable dock includes a 3M adhesive that safely and securely mounts to any flat surface. Ensure you never miss a shot and enjoy peace of mind while safeguarding your expensive electronics from damage or unnecessary repairs.

Key Features
Secure, stabilize and protect cable
Create and maintain a reliable connection
Magnetic Quick Release System for quick setup
Camera Dock has a locking and breakaway side
Ѕelect the option which works best for your needs
Computer Dock mounts to any flat surface with included 3MTM VHBTM adhesive
Prevent cable port damage and eliminate cable strain

What´s Included
1x TetherGuard Camera Support
1x TetherGuard Cable Support