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Tether Boost Pro USB-C – USB Micro B 9,4 m kood CUC31B-ORG Tether Boost Pro USB-C – 3.0 USB Micro B 9,4 m on juhtmesüsteem, mis on mõeldud professionaalseks kasutamiseks fotostuudios. Tänu oma pikkusele 9,4 m pakub see piiramatut liikumisvabadust suurel alal. Komplekti kuulub Tether Pro USB-C – 3.0 USB Micro B kaabel, TetherBoost Pro USB-C pikenduskaabel, JerkStopper Exstension Lock kaitse, ProTab kaabli rihmad ja transpordikott. 2) Tether Boost Pro USB-C – USB Micro B 9,4 m (tootekood CUC31B-ORG) on professionaalne juhtmesüsteem, mis on loodud kasutamiseks fotostuudios. Selle 9,4-meetrine pikkus tagab kasutajale suure liikumisvabaduse. Komplekt sisaldab Tether Pro USB-C – 3.0 USB Micro B kaablit, TetherBoost Pro USB-C pikenduskaablit, JerkStopper Exstension Lock kaablikaitset, ProTab kaablisidemeid ja transpordikotti.

The  TetherBoost Pro 31ft. (9.4m) USB-C to Micro-B Cable System is a versatile tool that gives photographers the distance needed to tether up to 31 ft. confidently and securely. Be prepared with the with the right length cable for your shoot. Whether you need 15 ft. (4.6m) or 31ft. (9.4m), this system gives you the versatility for any environment. The system includes our highest quality 15 ft. TetherPro Cable (available in USB-C to C or USB-C to 3.0 Mirco-B) along with our uniquely designed TetherBoost Pro USB-C Core Controller Extension Cable that enables you to tether up to 31 ft. while maintaining high transfer rates and exceptional connection stability. The system also includes a TetherGuard Extension lock to protect your cables from damage while on set, a set of 10 ProTab Cable Ties, and a Tether Tools Organization Case so your tether kit is always kept together and visible among your gear.