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Camping lamp UV Superfire T15


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Camping lamp UV Superfire T15, 350lm, USB

Supfire T15 camping lamp. Small and handy, the Supfire T15 camping lamp will prove itself in many applications – both at home and outside. With 5 light modes, you can adjust it to your current needs. UV light will make this practical device your reliable ally in the fight against mosquitoes. A working time of about 300 minutes and magnets built into the base are additional advantages of this unique lamp.

It can shine exactly the way you want it to. The device illuminates in several ways and offers up to 5 modes of operation. It is perfect as a flashlight thanks to the front lamp with a range of up to 320m. It provides strong, weak or strobe lighting. T15 also emits an even, side light. This in turn can be strong or weak. All this makes it easy to adjust the light to your expectations.

Powerful battery – easy charging. The lamp has a built-in 18650 battery that provides up to about 300 minutes of operation on a single charge. How to charge the device? It is simple – just connect it to the power source with a regular USB cable. You will be informed about the charging status by the color of the light – red means that the lamp is charging, and blue means that it is fully charged.

Your secret weapon against mosquitoes. The device is equipped with a UV lamp to effectively deal with mosquitoes. The light attracts the insects, which are then killed by contact with the electrical grid. As you can see, Supfire T15 is not only a light – it is also your secret weapon in the fight against annoying insects! You will certainly appreciate its functions during the long summer evenings, when the mosquitoes attack with redoubled force.

Extremely convenient to use. Weighing only 281g, the light is extremely compact and handy. You can easily use it wherever you need it. This is facilitated by such elements of the design as a special hook that allows you to hang it in the desired location. Additionally, magnetic elements in the lamp´s base enable you to put it steadily on certain surfaces.

You can use it in many situations. Numerous advantages of the device allow you to successfully use it in various situations. For example, it will prove useful as a source of light on a camping trip, a practical reading lamp, a handy flashlight and an effective insect repellent during summer evenings spent on a balcony, by a bonfire or by the water. You decide how you will use T15!