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Camping lamp Superfire T36 USB-C


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Superfire T36 camping lamp with USB-C charging. Looking for a practical lamp to take with you in your tent? The Superfire T36 lamp will be an excellent choice! It provides stable lighting that will illuminate any room and more. It offers various lighting modes that you can freely change. You will also use the lamp as a powerbank to charge, for example, your smartphone while camping! It is also distinguished by its waterproof design.

3 lighting modes. Now you can adjust the lighting to your own expectations! The camping lamp allows you to choose from 3 lighting modes – White Light, Yellow Light and Combined Light (Yellow+White). It also allows you to adjust the intensity of the lighting – just turn the dial. Thus, the device will meet the needs of different users!

Thoughtful design. Model T36 is a combination of functionality and original design. The lamp is equipped with a practical handle, which will make it easy for you to carry. This also allows you to conveniently hang the lamp, for example, on a branch or inside a tent. The built-in USB-C port allows you to charge it conveniently. The lamp is also waterproof, so you won´t be intimidated by rain!


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