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Camping lamp Superfire T39 12W 850lm


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Looking for a lamp to take with you on a camping trip? The Superfire T39 camping lamp will be an excellent choice! The device offers 4 light modes, and its brightness level is 850 lm. Its working time reaches about 23 hours, and thanks to its lightweight and handy design you will take it with you anywhere.

Lightweight and portаble, the T39 light is the perfect travel companion. It is made of durable materials with high wear resistance. It is also waterproof at IP45 level – it is not intimidated by raindrops. What´s more, the practical handle makes it easy to carry, and also allows you to hang it, for example, in a tent.

Adjust the lighting to your needs. There are up to 4 lighting modes at your disposal – White Light, Warm Light, White Warm Light and White Warm Flashing. Its brightness level reaches 850 lm.

The device will meet the needs of various users. It will be perfect for camping or nights under a tent. You will also use it during night hikes or campfire with friends at the lake.

Water resistance: IP45
Lighting color: 5669 K


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