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Godox AD1200PRO


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Godox AD1200PRO TTL is the first portаble flash system in AD family, in which the flash head is separated and the power module is equipped with batteries. The lamp works great both in the studio and outdoors. The battery in the power module (5200 mAh) is replaceable. The battery should last for approximately 500 full-power flashes. AD1200PRO TTL works with the Godox X wireless system. It offers the possibility of dividing into 5 groups and 32 channels as well as TTL and HSS support.

Godox AD1200Pro
The kit includes a 1200Ws flash, power pack (5200 mAh battery) and accessories. Godox studio flash, can work with cameras in the automatic TTL flash light metering mode. This allows you to capture scenes with dynamically changing lighting conditions, both in the studio and outdoor.

High Power
The maximum flash power is 1200Ws with the possibility of extremely wide adjustment in the range of 8 aperture stops (1/1 – 1/256) – this allows you to adjust the flash output to almost any subject. The lamp is powered by a battery and does not need to be connected to the ACwall adapter, which facilitates its versatile use outside the photo studio. The ability to sync flash with high shutter speeds allows you to use large apertures and shallow depth of field also in strong ambient light.

System X
Godox AD1200Pro lamp is equipped with a built-in System X radio control system receiver. Thanks to this solution, there is no need to connect additional radio receivers to the lamp. It is also possible to use a 3.5mm jack socket and use it with another type of remote trigger.

Long-lasting Battery
The lamp is powered by a 5200mAh battery. When fully charged, it is sufficient for up to 500 flashes at full power. The battery can be replaced, which allows you to work freely even away from power sources. It is also possible to buy additional batteries, including those that can be transported on board the plane (capacity 2600 mAh).

Color control
The flash light has a temperature of 5600 K. The standard deviation of its color reaches +/- 200 K, but the lamp can be switched to the stаble color temperature mode, in which the deviations drop to +/- 75K. In addition to the flash, we find a 40-watt LED modeling light.

The lamp can be used with a wide range of light modifiers such as: dishes, softboxes and umbrellas thanks to the attachment of Bowens accessories. The tripod mount allows you to adjust the angle of the lamp and can be used with almost all studio tripods.

Advanced Features
Extremely short flash durations up to 1 / 10860s (t0.1, at 1/256 of power) and stаble color temperature of the flash (5600K ± 200K) (in stаble temperature mode ± 75K).

Modeling Light
LED modeling lighting, active cooling (built-in fan) equipped with a Bowens accessory mount

In the box:
– Godox AD1200Pro TTL Flash
– Power Pack
– 5200mAh Battery
– 3,65m cable
– Charger
– Reflector
– Glass lamp Cover
– Rolling Case
– Carrying Case
– Power Cable

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