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Godox FH50R RGB Flexible Handheld LED Panel


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A lightweight, flexible lighting panel designed for both tripod mounting and handheld use. The panel offers adjustаble color temperature range and, in the R version, hue and saturation adjustment ranging from 0 to 360° and from 0 to 100%, respectively, all with a high color accuracy of CRI/TCLI 96. Thanks to its special construction, the panel retains its shape when bent or flexed, allowing for exceptionally narrow or wide lighting.

Lighting on the Move. The FH50 is an ultra-light panel that is exceptionally portаble and excels not only on a lightstand but also when filming and lighting on the move. During long studio sessions, the panel can be powered permanently from the AC adapter, but thanks to the option to purchase accessory mounts for NP-F or V-mount batteries, the kit gains mobility outdoors.

Convenient Light Shaping. The panel´s construction allows for excellent fitting into narrow spaces, such as small rooms, car interiors, or closets. Due to its low weight, the panel can be easily mounted on the ceiling. Thanks to the metal frame, the panel remains in a given position for longer after bending, allowing it to shine “broadly” when spread out or “narrowly” when bent into the appropriate shape.

Soft Lighting. The shape and form of the panel provide even illumination, reducing the strong contrast between highlights and shadows and providing natural and aesthetic light. In portrait photography, it helps hide minor imperfections and makes the skin look more attractive.

Special Effects. With many special effects to choose from, simulating scenes with different narrative themes becomes easy. Whether you want to evoke a romantic atmosphere using candles or create a sense of horror using storm effects, just use the FX interface.

Full Control. The panel can be controlled directly on the device, but also wirelessly using the Godox Light app.

Full Color Spectrum. 360-degree HSI control and saturation from 0 to 100% allow you to choose the specific color needed for a given scene. The adjustаble white light color temperature in the range of 2500-10000 K ensures adaptation to different lighting conditions.

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