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Nanlite Forza 60C RGBLAC led spotlight


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A compact, powerfull and innovative LED with RGBLAC six-color system that produces an ultra-wide CCT range of 1800K-20000K with ±100 G/M adjustment.

Nanlite has optimized the distribution of light source and innovated a new structural design for the new Forza 60C. The Lamp head weighs just 1.08KG, but still provides high illuminance levels when paired with its reflector (12,810 Lux@1M). The illuminance discrepancy between different colors has been eliminated through calibration of the power of each LED bead.

Forza 60C adopts an innovative RGBLAC six-color system, pushing the limits even further for LED spotlights. The new technology integrates additional LED beads of Lime/Amber/Cyan into the traditional RGB light source. The fundamental problem of incomplete color spectrum is solved, and the near-daylight spectrum is also achieved more comprehensively than what is possible with RGBWW lights.

The light has excellent performance on color rendition over other RGB/RGBW/RGBWW fixtures with an average CRI/TLCI score of 96/95 and TM-30 Rf average of 95/ Rg average of 100. It strikes an excellent balance between impeccable color fidelity and ultra-wide CCT range of 1800K-20000K with ±100 G/M adjustment. It also boasts to be the very first Nanlite light with the widest light spectrum and color gamut.

A newly developed hardware & software platform built specifically for working with RGBLAC lights, means Forza 60C offers professional options of HSI / RGBW / XY modes for color calibration. Efficiency in workflow can be greatly boosted by dialing in the desired colors with more flexibility. On-board and 2.4G covers the general functions, while more fine-tuning requirements can be met with APP and DMX/RDM controls.

The L-shaped yoke of Forza 60C can connect with a battery grip to break free from cables and comes with a flexible power supply system supports both AC adapter, NPF batteries and 14.8V V-mount battery when you need to work outside the studio. When powered with two NPF-970 batteries the Forza 60C has a run time of approximately 1,5hrs at 100%.

An intelligent fan that adjusts the speed according to ambient temperatures is built in Forza 60C.

The fan will automatically shift to high-speed mode in high temperature environments. The fan speed can be kept ultra-low at room temperature through the temperature control system. Therefore, it can be employed for interview at close range in a limited space without any hassle from fan noise Zero noise option is also possible for such occasions that require absolute silence by switching off the fan (maximum output is 25% with fan shut off)

Key specifications:
RGBLAC six-color system adding Lime/Amber/Cyan LED beads with RGB
Lightweight lamp head weighing just 1.08KG with illuminance up to (12,810 Lux@1M)
Calibrated distribution of power for each LED bead without illuminance discrepancy in colors
CCT range of 1800K-20000K and ±100 G/M adjustment.
CRI/TLCI score of average 96/95 and TM-30 Rf average 95 / Rg average 100
FM mount with option to integrate into Bowens mount
Professional options of HSI / RGBW / XY modes for color calibration
AC & DC power options with a battery grip for on-the-go shooting
Intelligent fan that automatically adjusts to ambient temperature
Multiple control methods, including on-board, 2.4G, APP and DMX/RDM controls
In the box

Forza 60C×1
15V6A Power Adapter×1
Power Cable 3M×1
RF-FMM-45-S Reflector×1
COB Protective Cap×1
Bowens Mount Adapter×1
Battery Grip x1
Carrying Bag×1
User Manual×1