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Godox LED Video light SL100BI Double Kit


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A convenient carrying case holds 2 next-generation SL-100Bi lights, and with the included light stands and softboxes, you don´t need anything else to light your video and photography sets.

You can use the SL-100Bi as your main light for semi-professional video productions, YouTube videos, commercials or even photography. In the unit, we have special effects that can simulate: lightning, flash, paparazzi, TV, broken bulb, candle, fire, and fireworks. The power output can be adjusted between 0-100%.

The light guarantees a high CRI/TLCI ratio of 96/97, saving a lot of time in post-production. It will easily adapt to the ambient light with its variable color temperature of 2800-6500K

Compact design is ideal for home or small studios. The unit weighs only 1.6 kg, making it convenient to transport.

SL-100Bi has a universal Bowens mount, which allows you to mount many Godox modifiers and many other independent manufacturers.

Light can be controlled directly using the panel on the body, the Godox App or using the remote control (available separately).

In package:
2x Godox SL-100Bi,
2x light stand,
2x SB-BW-6090 softbox,
1x carrying bag CB-04,